Arioso Systems closed it’s Venture Capital Seedround to advance a revolutionary µSpeaker technology

Cottbus, 2. April 2020Arioso Systems GmbH, provider of a new disruptive micro-transducer technology announces the completion of its first financing round. Arioso Systems 2,6M€ financ-ing round is led by Brandenburg Kapital (Potsdam, Germany), a subsidiary of Brandenburger Förderbank ILB, and supported by High-Tech-Gründerfonds III (Bonn), Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (Dresden) and business angels.

Arioso Systems is developing and marketing a novel kind of an all silicon mirco-speaker chip which is able to reproduce audio sound with highest fidelity. The Arioso chip is designed to re-place common electrodynamic loudspeakers in wireless in-ear headsets, the fastest-growing headphone and wearables market. Ariosto’s targeted customer range embraces all well-known audio and mobile phone brands.

Arioso Systems’ chips are based on what is known as the complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) manufacturing process. CMOS technology accounts for more than 90% of the worldwide manufacturing capacity for micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS). Arioso Systems’ all silicon micro-speakers are therefore perfectly suited for large-volume production.

Arioso Systems’ all silicon micro-speakers feature a tiny form factor of only a few mm³, low weight, and high-power efficiency. These are the key requirements for advanced Hearables ap-plications. Hearables are in-ear headsets, directly connected to the internet for perpetual access to multiple voice controlled online services.

Arioso Systems is a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in Dresden. Fraunhofer has granted to Arioso Systems the exclusive license to commercialize the extensive IPMS patent portfolio for audio applications.

Dr. Hermann Schenk, leading managing director of Arioso Systems GmbH commented: “The market response to our technology is remarkable. Our all silicon micro-speaker enable completely new design possibilities and have the potential of creating attractive new value chains. The industry has clearly recognized this. Now it is crucial for Arioso to expedite market readiness.”

Dr. Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth, co-managing director, amended: “Now we can setup Arioso Sys-tems with high speed to efficiently support our customers. We will match our new technology to the specific requirements of their future mobile audio devices.”

Prof. Ralf B. Wehrspohn, Executive Vice President, Technology Marketing and Business Mod-els at Fraunhofer, said, “The core element in developing innovative breakthroughs made in Germany is to effectively and rapidly transfer research results to the economy. Spin-offs serve as an important value-creating bridge between research and industry. This means of transfer is a key pathway for the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s efforts to capitalize on intellectual property rights. The Fraunhofer-Zukunftsstiftung [Fraunhofer Future Foundation] also plays an important role, strengthening innovation and boosting employment in Germany by financing research at Fraunhofer Institutes and licensing research results. It also provides comprehensive support for the Arioso project. This is why I am so delighted that Arioso Systems, yet another young high-tech company with Fraunhofer roots, has set out to bring to market new technologies and devel-op them further in a customer-focused way.

Dr. Torsten Fiegler, Investment Manager at Brandenburg Kapital, emphasized: “The small and intelligent µSpeaker of Arioso Systems form an important catalyst for the fast-growing Internet-of-Voice services. The widely patented technology, the fabless business model and the experi-enced founders’ team are the best basis for future market success.”

About Arioso Systems GmbH

Arioso Systems GmbH, a spin-off from Fraunhofer-IPMS in Dresden, develops and markets a novel disruptive micro-speaker chip technology, based on silicon MEMS (Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems). Arioso Systems supports the fast-growing market of In-Ear head-phones and Hearables. The technology of Arioso Systems enables fast scaling to mass market. Key customer benefits include a small form factor and low weight, highest power efficiency and best sound fidelity.

About Brandenburg Kapital GmbH/ Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg:

The Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB) manages various investment funds that finance growth- and innovation-oriented companies based and/or operating in Brandenburg. The funds for the early-stage and growth fund of Brandenburg Kapital, which was set up on behalf of the Brandenburg Ministry of Economics, are currently provided from funds of the European Re-gional Development Fund and from the ILB's own funds. To date, ILB's investment activities have helped 215 companies grow by around EUR 235 million. Around 8,400 modern jobs have been created or secured. The funds managed by ILB cover the entire spectrum from venture capital financing in the start-up phase and early growth phase to mezzanine financing for estab-lished medium-sized companies. In addition, private investors have so far invested more than 450 million euros in the companies.

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