Grandperspective GmbH Completes Financing

Brandenburg Kapital, High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), DiaMedCare and various business groups invest in Grandperspective GmbH

Potsdam, October 1, 2020 – Startup Grandperspective GmbH convinces its new investors, including Brandenburg Kapital, subsidiary of the Brandenburger investment bank ILB, with an industrial early warning solution against dangerous gas leaks in the chemical industry. In the past, various business angels had already invested in the company. The HTGF and other large investors, such as DiaMedCare, are closing the financing round and securing the necessary company funds for a strong market entry. As part of the financing, Grandperspective GmbH is opening a Brandenburg site on the premises of PCK Raffinerie GmbH Schwedt.

"With the scanfeldTM Early Warning Solution, Grandperspective GmbH is developing the world's first early warning solution for the detection and specific warning of dangerous gas leaks in the chemical industry. Grandperspective has set itself the goal of setting a new safety standard for the chemical industry," says René Braun, CEO of Grandperspective.

Thilo Neu, Investment Manager at Brandenburg Kapital, emphasizes that financing with Brandenburg Kapital’s Early Stage and Growth Fund represents the realization of an important milestone for market entry. "With this investment, the company is placed on a solid foundation to successfully manage a broad product launch."

"The scanfeldTM Early Warning Solution combines novel sensors with an intelligent software solution. The scanfeldTM Sensor Units are based on optical measurement technology and identify hundreds of different gases from a distance of up to several kilometers, "explains Peter Maas, Head of Develop-ment and Managing Director of Grandperspective.

"Different software modules visualize the identified gas clouds, perform an automatic hazard assess-ment and provide the high-level situation assessment to the chemical plant control system. For this, the scanfeldTM Early Warning Solution should be deeply anchored into the safety architecture of chem-ical plants," adds Alexander Herrmann, CFO of Grandperspective.

About Grandperspective GmbH

Grandperspective GmbH was founded by René Braun, Peter Maas and Alexander Herrmann in 2018. The founding team brings more than 25 years of experience in the construction and application of re-mote sensing systems as well as extensive start-up and management experience. Today, Grandper-spective has 12 employees.

About Brandenburg Kapital GmbH/ Investment Bank of the State of Brandenburg

The Investment Bank of the State of Brandenburg (ILB) manages various equity funds that fi-nance growth- and innovation-oriented companies which have their headquarters and/or perma-nent establishments in Brandenburg. The funds for the Early Stage and Growth Fund of Bran-denburg Kapital, which was set up on behalf of the Brandenburg Ministry of Economic Affairs, are currently provided by the European Regional Development Fund and ILB's own resources. The investment activities of ILB have so far accompanied 228 companies on their growth path with around EUR 248 million. Around 9,000 modern jobs have been created or secured. The funds managed by ILB cover the entire spectrum from venture capital financing in the start-up and early growth phase to mezzanine financing for established medium-sized companies. In ad-dition, private investors have invested more than 450 million euros in the companies so far.