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Deep-tech company Staex obtains patent for next-generation technology in cybersecurity sector

Potsdam, January 2023, After two long years of waiting, Staex GmbH has managed to obtain a patent for its next-generation technology that will replace the traditional VPN (Virtual Private Network). Staex's team has created a unique technical stack that combines the power of clouds, distributed technologies and secure networks. This is the second patent granted to Staex since its spin-off from Deutsche Telekom, making it the owner of the unique tunneling technology in a distributed computing network that has the advantage of being easier to configure, more secure, and more resilient to outages and cyberattacks. The team is united by the idea of a sustainable economy with a zero-waste IT infrastructure.

The software platform forms a unique bridge between the IoT industry and Web 3.0. by bringing these novel technologies into existing applications, Staex improves such fundamental use cases as networking complex devices, orchestrating large deployments and data security.

About Staex GmbH

Staex, founded out of Deutsche Telekom's Innovation Lab, is a leading team in the field of industrial Web 3.0 and is based on a patented cutting-edge technology. Staex is a clean-tech software that allows distributed islands of IT networks to communicate with each other, the use of services shared between multiple partners and orchestration from any node in the network.

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