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Smart meter rollout: sonnen and Solandeo expand energy partnership and drive digitization of the energy transition

Potsdam, May 2023 - A decisive key to a successful energy transition is the digital networking of generators and consumers. Shell subsidiary sonnen, one of the world's innovation leaders in storage and networking technologies, has been consistently implementing this strategy for many years. As a pioneer for the digitalization of the energy system, sonnen began installing smart meters in households as early as 2016. A further step is now the extended cooperation with the leading independent metering point operator Solandeo: with this cooperation, sonnen can further accelerate its ongoing Germany-wide smart meter rollout. Specifically, sonnen and Solandeo intend to install a further 10,000 intelligent metering systems (iMSys), also known as smart meters, in the sonnenCommunity

As the installation of iMSys by the "base-certified" metering point operators continues to progress very slowly, sonnen is voluntarily moving forward to accelerate the digitization of the energy transition by partnering with a "competitive" metering point operator such as Solandeo.

About Solandeo GmbH

Solandeo has been active nationwide as a competitive metering point operator since 2014 and sees itself as a leading digital service provider for the energy transition: with its smart meter-based solutions, Solandeo manages 13GW of decentralized generation capacity, from the 3kW rooftop solar system at private customers to the 400MW offshore wind farm. Solandeo enables plant operators to easily integrate with the IT platforms of over 50 direct marketers and over 30 operation managers. In addition, 45 network operators use Solandeo's solutions for Redispatch 2.0. Brandenburg Kapital GmbH has been supporting the company since 2021.

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